3 phones, 3 different readings

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3 phones, 3 different readings

Post by august.gresens on February 2nd 2015, 03:55

I've got MLP installed on two iOS devices. The readings do not agree between these devices.

Pointing both devices at a blank wall with diffuse and even illumination, I'm getting a reading of EV 10 with an iPad Mini (iOS 8.x) and an EV of 9 with an iPhone 4 (latest iOS 7 release).

In addition, I'm getting a radically different reading from my Android phone with the free version installed - EV 6.7!

Which one is right? How do I tell? I was hoping this software would help me troubleshoot accuracies with a analog spot meter I have, but I seem to have entered another realm of "meters not agreeing" hell Smile

To add another dimension, my Gossen Luna-Lux with an SBC cell is also reading an EV of 10, while my Soligor Spot Meter II is reading a little over 9.

In short:

iPad Mini and Gossen Agree
iPhone 4 and Soligor Spot Meter agree

Android is insane!

Why are these devices not matching up? Are there system settings that need to be adjusted?

I will note that the iPhone 4 lens is "fogged" a bit. I was surmising that this might be creating flare that would throw off the readings, but I thought an entire stop seemed excessive. Also, the contrast of the scene I am testing is low, which should mitigate the effects of the flare.



Note: I did verify that the meter dials match up in terms of the EV readings. In other words, they mean the same thing in terms of the resulting exposures.


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