Taking Snapshot of subject plust Exposure Settings/GPS/Image etc

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Taking Snapshot of subject plust Exposure Settings/GPS/Image etc

Post by owlcavestudios on July 22nd 2014, 06:58

I know some other apps have the ability to take a snapshot of what you are metering, along with saving the ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed combo and GPS tagging it.

If you are shooting with a film camera, you can use this data to insert into the EXIF of scanned negatives, or at least keep for your own records to be able to look back on this info and learn from your shooting.  Right now, I have to just take an iOS screenshot of the whole screen, which works for the most part, but these screenshots don't get geo-tagged with the GPS location.  Having a dedicated button in app would be ideal.

I love the app otherwise! I found an old Voigtlander Vito II that used to be my grandma's cousin's camera.  I popped a roll of film in it and exclusively used this app as my light meter.  The shots came out very evenly exposed.  If only I could remember what settings I used for each shot... Razz 

Thanks again!


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